Hello My name is Mel fisher and I am the Contrarian.


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  1. Rob Foote says:

    Hello Mel.
    My name is Rob Foote. I was born and raised in Dryden. It’s been years since I lived there. 1970 was the last year. I was there as a junior pilot doing seasonal work for Swanair. Now retired from one of Canada’s major airlines. Winters in Palm Springs and summers in Alberta. That’s me.
    Recently I saw your articles as I was searching for old Dryden ( my era) 1949 to recent. Your articles and straight forward style are most refreshing , not to mention more to the truth than one would read in the general media.
    My question is. Where is the history of our medical people ? Dr. Robby, Dr. Bilsbarrow , Dr Erniwien, and so on. It would be interesting to follow the development of the first hospital . The old Red Cross hospital on St Charles street . I lived on that street as well. It would be interesting to recall and bring back,old memories of Wabigoon Drugs. Dryden Medical and Dental clinic.
    Just a thought. Maybe you can dig up some history. I find very little on the net.

    Best Regards Captain Rob Foote (ret)

    • wunbun12 says:

      Hi Rob
      Summer is a busy time for me, market gardener, and I missed this post till now, just reviewing the file.
      I agree, there is much history which could be posted and of interest to many, and I will add your comment to my list.
      Mostly I write about what I know, but even so I could find medical stuff; I remember Doc Robbie saying “I better take that cyst off your face, and grabbing a knife or whatever you all it and proceeding to do so. No problem to 15 year old me, until I saw the horrified look on the nurses face! No harm done, left a little scar.
      I worked with Scotty Foote in the mill, and went to high school with Carol and I think another girl, perhaps your family

      I appreciate your supportive comments


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