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THE CONTRARIAN Here is a collection of quotes and notes that sort of define my politics. Pretty gloomy, sort of suits this time of year. I am first of all a classical Liberal, that is, one who believes the way … Continue reading

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  THE CONTRARIAN SAUERKRAUT  —  Walter Fecho was an amazing collector of old stuff, what some of us would call antiques, and some would call junk, and we sort of inherited his old wooden cutting board for shredding vegetables. Exactly … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN The Hudson’s Bay Company owned most of our Canadian geography (called Rupertsland) for several hundred years until it was ‘sold’ to the new Dominion of Canada after Confederation. Their main business was trading with the indigenous population. They … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN A page from Willie Brant’s diary — Joe was sitting at his kitchen table, chortling to himself when I walked in.  “What could be so funny this time of the day?” I asked. “it’s a long story”, he … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN   The view from my kitchen window is across the skateboard park and soccer fields, with highway 17 forming the skyline. This skyline features the pretty little pine grove next to Pizza Hut, but more importantly, it features … Continue reading

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