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THE CONTRARIAN A page from Willy Brant’s diary —  One of my old navy buddies called, said he was passing thru on his way west, and would I join him for lunch.  So I did.  “Let me tell you my … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN Here is a story run as a series of articles in some small weeklies, melded into one post Part 1   April, 1987 was a disastrous month for the Fisher family.  Our farm was visited by a Sasquatch, with … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN   The colonial system. All the smart worthy people live in the center, and the rest live in the colonies.  This creates a powerful drag, almost like gravity, moving everything toward the center, the biggest city.  It works … Continue reading

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THE CONTRARIAN One city, call it Ernie, is growing rapidly, with a solid industrial base, vast natural resources, highly educated and well paid work force, low taxes, up-to-date municipal infrastructure, new residential developments happening all over.  Surrounded by natures resources, … Continue reading

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