A page from Willy Brant’s Diary – Neighbour over on the 4th concession went down to Toronto to some kind of agricultural meeting. Told me he was walking along the underground mall at rush hour, after breakfast. He was heading back to his hotel, and the Torontonians were streaming off the subway and heading to work, going the opposite way. Said they reminded him of a flock of sheep heading for the feed trough, all scurrying along with their heads down, not looking at anybody else as though the other people didn’t exist.

He said he felt like Crocodile Dundee in New York, the only real person in the place, until he noticed a few other farmers from his meeting. They were walking like him, heads up, looking around, a bunch more Crocodile Dundee’s, and he worried if he looked as out of place as they did. I allowed he probably did, because one thing I notice when I travel, which is not a lot any more, is that city people do not meet each other’s eye when they meet on the sidewalk, there are just too many and it is seen as personal, like ‘what are you going to try to sell me?’.

I thought some more about this on my way home. City people do seem a lot alike, maybe even as alike as sheep, sheep do have some personality, but not much. Probably more alike than goats, goats each have an individual character, and have their own ideas. The city folk probably get beat into the same mold, reading the same newspapers, watching the same television, fighting the same traffic, talking about the same weather, supporting the same sports teams, doing the same things until they are all homogenized, they all think alike and talk alike. They make a big fuss about ‘diversity’, but really, except for the immigrant who just got here last week, they are remarkably alike.

Compare that with our small town people who all have some individuality and personality. Maybe we export our weak, colourless, wimpy, bland surplus population to the city, where they can be homogenized, and keep our characters and independent thinkers at home in our small towns and on the farm. Maybe real Canadians are only found in small towns, not the cities. Shows we shouldn’t pay too much attention to what the big-city newspapers say, that’s just sheep talk, and we are all goats.

Joe says that’s why we need an Elected Senate, so the brainwashed city can’t so easily impose its ideas on the real Canadians scattered across the land. He points to the US, where each state gets two senators however small or remote it is. The senate can over-ride the Congress, which is based on population and dominated by the cities. He says that’s why the US doesn’t concentrate everything in a few big cities, but scatters stuff across the country, such as the space program is in Texas. He says our Senate was given lots of power in theory, but because senators are appointed by the prime minister rather than elected, they really can’t use the power they have. So we get city-bred attacks on our way of life, like the over-the-top gun laws, or snomo regulations, or the endless useless licencing requirements. Who could imagine a world where a farmer needs two or three licences just to cut up a tree that has fallen on his pasture fence!

Joe finished with “And maybe if Senators were elected, they wouldn’t be so handy with the expense accounts”. He does come up with some interesting stuff.

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