Joe was really cheerful when I met him at the group mailbox yesterday morning. Said he had been up half the night, and was quite pleased with himself, as he had managed to distill all the wisdom in the last 6 books he read into a single paragraph.  Joe read big, university-type books, not the Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler I go for, so that sounds like quite an achievement.

“Trouble is, I am not sure what to do with it”, says Joe.

“Let me see”, says I, taking the paper he is waving around. “Wow, can I borrow this, I am going to copy it into my diary”.   Joe looked doubtful, but I already had the paper, so he pretty much had to say Ok.

Here is what he had written.

“Our enemy is an army of idealist anarchist eggheads, and they are destroying our way of life. The politicians and political parties do not matter, they are all alike, tweedledee, tweedledum, and tweedledopey, all using different words while they pander to the mainstream media, which is totally dominated by the idealist, anarchist eggheads, whose agenda is to take our freedom away and return us all to serfdom to a new nobility, the ‘new world order’.  All their causes along the way, from manmade Armageddon such as nuclear war to ddt to pcb to dioxin to global warming; rights trump freedoms; family does not matter; transgender rights trump family; infanticide;, church does not matter, are all just signposts as we progress down that road to serfdom.  They have brainwashed the mindless city-bred masses into accepting serfdom is better than freedom, after all a dog leads a much more comfortable life than a wolf.

They of course assume that they will be the New Nobility who will lead that mass of serfs.

One of their central beliefs is that they are so smart and modern that the wisdom of the ages doesn’t matter, history doesn’t matter. So they do not notice that in every experiment through history, from Alexander to Genghis Khan to Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot to Mao; the New Nobility is mean, tough clever thugs, the meanest and cleverest gets to be dictator, and the eggheads mostly get sent to prison or die.”

  Wow again.  Obviously Joe reads way too much, I am getting worried about him.  After thinking a bit, I asked “Isn’t ‘idealist anarchist egghead’ a bit over the top”?  “Maybe”, he said, “some folks call their mindset Utopian, and Mark Steyn used to call them ‘Trudeaupians’, this gets a whole new lease on life now”.  “OK”, says I “how about ‘mindless city-bred masses’, wow, that seems a bit arrogant”.  Joe looked embarrassed, “Well, maybe so, Doug Casey calls them ‘the booboisie’ in his books and columns.  Maybe I didn’t really expect anybody to read that paper, maybe I was half asleep”.

I finished “Too late to back down now”.

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