I am so excited; I am going to be rich.  I will use the multi-million-dollar prize I am going to win to build the new seniors residence our city so badly needs. I can hardly wait.  Let me explain.


A headline “Teams Compete to make good use of Carbon” caught my eye, so I read the article.  It seems a Canadian and an American company have teamed up and put up $20 million in prizes to research groups that comes up with viable ways to use atmospheric carbon dioxide.  27 teams have entered the contest, working on all kinds of exotic chemical processes which will make the carbon dioxide into plastic or concrete or just rock, all at a cost which will make the new carbon tax look tiny.


I have the solution, all I have to do is get on the list of finalists, which will be a piece of cake as my solution will actually make money, not cost money, and improve our planet, not just make expensive new kinds of rock or plastic.


The first paragraph of the article got me going; it was “What if carbon dioxide emissions could be transformed from a liability into an asset?”  Well, guess what, that is just what I will do, at no cost, just by proposing some changes in some of the regulations meant to make the rich richer, and the rest of us poor.  Not to worry, there will still be plenty of regulations left to enslave us upstart peasants. 


I am always preaching about the glories of compost, and how much it improves soil, and how enough compost can make any soil into a garden.  I didn’t make this up, of course, there are lots of people who discovered this going back thousands of years, I just proved it to myself over and over again over a lifetime on the land.


 Compost is made from plants which grow by drawing carbon dioxide out of the air.  Composting converts them into organic matter, a stable form which includes the carbon.  When it is incorporated into soil it is measured as ‘carbon content’.   So if there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, all we have to do is change the way we farm so we are adding to the carbon content in our soil.  Sustainable, natural agriculture, instead of modern chemical agriculture which depletes the soil and reduces its carbon content.   Modern chemical agriculture, which our governments force us into with regulations and taxes and subsidies.


Actually even a simple retired engineer like me can cipher out that the reduction in carbon content of the world’s agricultural soils due to government-forced modern agriculture has put a lot more carbon into the air than all the coal and oil ever dug up, so there is lots of room for this improvement.


Of course the powers that be know all this better than I. So then, why do I deserve the prize?  For connecting the dots and coming up with the formula: Remove the barriers to natural, soil-building agriculture, and the CO2 problem disappears.


Oh, I am so happy, I am busy applying for patents and making up my application for the prizes.


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