It’s the foundation of our economy – every aspect of life depends on it, without it, our civilization is in danger of crumbling. We are in danger of running out of it; known reserves are limited, and shrinking.  Our very food supply is endangered – we could all freeze and starve in the dark.  What to do, what to do.


I am talking, of course, about our Stone Age culture, and we are running out of flint, the kind of stone used for all our tools, without it, we cannot kill and cut up the critters we eat, nor cut up wood for our fires. We are doomed.


Fortunately, another technology came along – we started making tools out of metal, and the whole idea of stone tools became a laughable artifact from the past. And there was still plenty of flint, and all the multi-national companies who had cornered the flint supply deservedly went broke.  Unfortunately, their shareholders, mostly peoples’ pension funds, did not deserve to lose all their money, but hey, them’s the breaks.


I’ll bet you thought I was talking about oil. Now don’t get me wrong, I too think we are insane to burn up all the natural gas and oil and coal, running our little cars back and forth.  Not because we might run out and freeze in the dark, nor because of the global warming doomsayers.  No, because coal, oil, and gas are not chemically pure substances – they are wonderfully complex mixtures of hundreds, perhaps thousands of substances, most not yet even identified, most not able to be synthesized, all of which took nature millions of years to make, and some of which might be the cure for cancer and whatever else ails mankind.


Just as technology found a replacement for flint, it will find replacements for the other resources we extract from our ‘limited planet’. Pretty well every substance that God invented is found in sea water, which is virtually unlimited, and if nothing else technology will find ways to extract them when the price is right.  The most critical resource is fresh water, and if all else fails we can also get the fresh water we need from the sea.  So I don’t pay much attention to the doomsayers saying ‘we must adopt a reduced standard of living or we will run out of resources’, that’s just politics.


Now we are faced with a new puzzle, it appears our progressive leadership believes the American-generated hype that our oil is somehow inferior to their fracking oil, and so the Energy East pipeline is on hold; they would prefer to destroy Canada’s economy by preventing our using Canadian Oil from the west. Instead of western oil, the east seems to prefer to buy the American fracking oil, delivered over new pipelines built without a whisper of environmental complaint.  Or buying it from Arabian countries, whatever their human rights and environmental footprint.


Or perhaps it is not about the environment or human rights at all, but about keeping the Canadian West down, shades of 1980 and the National Energy Program. For shame, either way.

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