I submitted the following column proclaiming an upcoming world breakdown last Wednesday (October 19).  On Thursday, we had an announcement that America and Russia were joining hands to support the Iran-puppet dictator of Syria (that’s not the way they described it, just the way it is).  Adding this to Obama’s liberating Iran from world constraint, along with Iran’s commitment to the total destruction of Israel, we moved a big jump toward major war.

That same day, the Philippines announced they were renouncing their position as an American Protectorate, and would ally themselves with China.  The part they didn’t say was that Obama’s failure to respond to Chinese aggression in building artificial island/forts in Philippines territorial waters left them no choice. Nor that this gives China absolute control over the ‘sea gate’ controlling large ship traffic from the Pacific west toward India and Europe, and greatly increases their military power.  Another big jump toward war.

Here is the Doom and Gloom column, reinforced by these developments.




Some readers (well, ok, two) have asked me what I think about the American election. Always willing to jump in with a Contrarian opinion.


Firstly, I think it is a lot of fun. I find all that indignation hilarious. Trump is playing the media like a fish; every provocative thing he says draws a huge sputtering response from the Establishment; that is, big government, in bed with big business, in bed with big media, supported by the ‘intelligentsia’. They cannot buy him and they cannot control him, and this so terrifies them that they have lost their sense of humour or perspective.   I expect he has a good laugh when he gets home and reviews all the outrage he causes in the press each day.


Even our Canadian Establishment has gone ballistic in opposing him, even though it really is none of Canada’s business. Perhaps they fear success for Trump would spill over the border and an Outsider, another Preston Manning or Rob Ford, might be a threat to their grip on our country.


Who will win?  Arguably, Hillary will win, given the wholehearted support of the Establishment, and the growing dishonesty of the American election system. Equally arguably, Trump will win, based on his vastly greater support on social media; the vastly bigger and more enthusiastic crowds he attracts to rallies and meetings, and on the obvious desperation of his opponents. So, we have Hillary the Insider representing the Establishment, versus Trump the Outsider representing the Common People, folks tired of being over-regulated and over-taxed to benefit that Establishment. Who will win? Too close to call.


I fear our Free World is like the Coyote, lured by the Roadrunner past the edge of the cliff, ready to fall to the valley of Serfdom below. I expect serious bad times are coming, a collapsed world economy and perhaps even war, regardless of who wins in the US. We need a real leader like Winston Churchill, who led the Free World out of depression and world war 70 years ago. Winston was an Outsider, dare I say even a Contrarian, who came into power almost by accident just when needed. Is Trump, who is also an Outsider, our Churchill? Only time will tell.


If you doubt a collapse is coming, consider these points:

1, A worldwide stock market bubble of monstrous proportions, partly fueled by debt as companies borrow to buy their own shares and pump up the price,

2, Real estate bubbles in China, the US, Europe (and in Canada’s big cities), prices far above replacement cost,

  1. Government debt level far beyond all sustainability, in the US and many countries,
  2. An intractable war in Syria which needs only a spark to ignite world war,
  3. China and Russia’s move to replace the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency,
  4. The refugee crisis in Europe
  5. Britain’s vote to leave the EU, and a coming Italian vote which might precipitate the unwinding of the EU
  6. Russia’s international behaviour becoming more erratic.
  7. Nuclear arms in the hands of irrational governments like North Korea and a newly empowered Iran.
  8. The insane experiment of ‘negative interest rates’.


Add these to the unrest which will result from the American election, whoever wins, and it is easy to conclude we are doomed!


Just a depressing Contrarian point of view.

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