We were at the Shake your Booty/Mardi Gras/hospital fundraiser/girls night out event a while ago, doing our Rotary duty. Remembering it, while the wife and I were sitting over coffee the other morning, I remarked “I think I learned something at the booty night.  I have marvelled for years how all brides and bridesmaids are beautiful.  But what I think I learned is that all women are beautiful sometimes”.  She answered “How would you know, you were so busy checking out the skirts up to there, and the necklines down to here, ogling away with that silly grin on your face!”  Before I could figure out how to answer that one, she added “you didn’t stop smiling for 3 days after!”  OK, I got it, she is just jerking my chain, so I ignored that and went on “When they get their hair done and their makeup done and put on their newest nicest clothes and shoes, they just stand up tall and proud, so positive and smiling.  At the Mardi Gras night, they were all beautiful, old and young, big and small, short and tall”.

Not to let me off too lightly, she added “so you just had to insult that one poor girl telling her she was the only woman in the room who is not beautiful!” From me “Do you think she was really insulted?  I was just trying to make a joke out of her Mardi Gras makeup job, painted up to look like a scary zombie.”  No answer.  So, miss, you know who you are, if you were insulted, I apologize, you were beautiful too, zombie makeup and all.

Anyway, we should take great pride in the community spirit displayed by events like this, a community spirit that will allow us to succeed and grow in spite of shabby politics. Hospitals are generally underfunded by government, and need all the local input they can get to help ensure their future, the province seems to want to centralize everything.  So when we help our hospital, we help ensure the future of our community.

So, hats off to Mardi Plomp and all her crew, they did an amazing job putting together such a super event. Our ladies had a chance to strut their stuff while raising an incredible amount of support for our hospital.  And they had a lot more fun than they would have got just writing a check.


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