A page from Willy Brant’s diary – Seems like it is getting harder and harder to find anything I want to watch on TV anymore. Instead of the documentaries we used to have, we see some loser poking around trying to find a ghost or a gold mine or an alien or a Bigfoot (thumps on tree, hears a bump, goes “yup, he’s out there, guess we might see a ‘squatch’ tonite”) – fat chance. The sitcoms all have that canned laughter track – guy says something which might be remotely funny, and the canned laughter goes ha-ha-ha-ha.  You would think they could at least use a bit more tape so every ha-ha-ha-ha was not identical, guess that would be too technical.

Anyway last night out of desperation I tuned into an old 1930’s Three Stooges movie, and watched Larry, Curly and Moe bash and bop and pratfall for a while, when it dawned on me, this looks just like last fall’s election, with Larry Harper, Curly Trudeau, and Moe Mulcair, except that instead of the physical comedy, they verbally bash and bop and pratfall.

Met my neighbour Joe at the mailboxes this morning, and told him about this amazing insight. He looked at me a bit surprised,  like he does when his moron neighbour actually comes out with some original thinking, and he had to think before he answered. ”You know,” he says “you are absolutely right.  But it’s even worse than that.  At least Larry, Curly and Moe used to fight fair, but we have all kinds of vested interests, especially the CBC and big unions sticking their nose in.”   I jumped in “and big corporations!”  Joe goes “Yes, big corporations, representing that 1% they keep talking about.  But nobody from the family, freedom, private property, devout, small business, crowd gets to have any input!”

I was beginning to regret bringing the subject up, it was getting cold out there by the mailboxes, ever notice they seem to stick those group mailboxes out in the coldest, windiest corners they can find?

Joe went on “Of course the real problem has its roots in the 60’s, when we concentrated all the power in the Prime Minister’s office, gave him more power than the American President, which makes a mockery of our whole government system, we are a monarchy, not a republic, but of course we have to ape everything American. This had the effect of making our MPs into puppets, nobodies.  So we used to vote for the local person we thought would best represent the interests of our community, now we vote for Larry, Curly or Moe, who all have to pander to the vested interests and don’t stand for anything.  They stole our democracy, and we didn’t even notice!”

“Oh well,”, says I, “It won’t really matter much to us up here on the seventh concession, at least not in the span of years we have left on this planet”, and with that I sidled back to my truck to get out of the cold. Mental note, don’t bring up anything political to Joe, at least not when standing out in the cold.

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