Considering the word ‘Canada’ is a mistranslation of the word for village (or was it house, or even outhouse) in a native language now disappeared, it is kind of appropriate



Well, not exactly.  Since our constitution does not include any reference to property rights (the only non-communist country to be so blessed), and our government keeps finding more and more ways to take our homes, including environmental overkill and such beauties as unlimited entry and search powers for police searching for (horrors) unregistered duck-hunting guns, and to confiscate any cash they find as ‘proceeds of crime’



You’ve got us there.  The entire country outside the cities has been declared ‘native land’ and as a result development has been completely frozen (unless you have found diamonds, then there is enough money to satisfy native demands).  Some of us wonder how such a multi-cultural, tolerant country could have such a racist policy – two different kinds of citizens, based entirely on race.



Well, we certainly were patriotic, through the war of 1812, the Boer war, two world wars, and the Korean war, we knew exactly who we were, and proud of it.  We were British, of course, part of the mighty British Empire, the greatest force the world has ever seen for progress in the arts and medicine, for abolishing oppression and poverty, and for technological advance.

Now the empire is an object of scorn and we do not know who we are, our chattering class, our opinion makers, seem to think the nation can be defined by the CBC, medicare, and some warm, fuzzy ideas about multiculture and tolerance and above all a conviction we are not American.

It is to laugh, we share a continent, a culture, a language, commerce and ancestors with the US – most of us have Americans somewhere in our family tree.  We in northwestern Ontario or Manitoba have more in common with Minnesota than with Toronto or Vancouver – Texas is more different from New York than any part of Canada is different from Michigan. Unless we find a reason to exist as a country now that we are not British, we will inevitably unite with the other States of America.



How something so politically incorrect has survived is a mystery – our chattering classes blush with embarrassment every time they hear this (which is not too often, they don’t like displays of jingoism like national anthems)



Well some of us have glowing hearts all right, that’s because they are inflamed while they wait for our hopelessly mismanaged and expensive health system to actually come up with some help for those with diseases, especially such politically incorrect things as heart disease, mostly it is white males who get it, so who cares.  Don’t think so, then explain why we spend 10 times as much per patient on breast cancer research, and 100 times as much per patient on AIDS research, as we do on prostate cancer research (it’s a fact, you could look it up).  And in terms of discussion in the press, you could multiply these ratios by another factor of 10.



Compared with what?  Compared to other countries, our standard of living has fallen from second in the world to twenty-something, and still falling.  Our productivity is falling.  Even our literacy rate is falling.  My arches are falling (just checking to see if you are paying attention).  Crime and abuse and poverty are rising.  The only place we excel is in political correctness – the United Nations ranks us tops in that.



Well, let me see.  We are depopulating rural Canada as fast as we can, by grabbing all the money and keeping it in the cities, and by disallowing any new development.  At present trends, the country will be vacant in 50 years, the population all concentrated in a few cities.  (except that, does anybody really think the crowded millions of Asia are going to let us keep all that country, vacant and unused?)  A third of our people live in the Quebec to Windsor corridor, which is on a latitude with Italy and south of fully a quarter of the continental USA, hardly the ‘true north’



Is this a joke?  Our military is flying around in crashing helicopters, floating around in sinking submarines, underequipped, undermanned, underpaid, and underappreciated.  Worse, they are not soldiers any more, they are ‘peacekeepers’, a fuzzy-minded concept under which all the bad guys will behave as long as somebody with a blue beret is watching, even if he has no bullets in his gun.  Don’t get all sentimental, whenever there is any real peacekeeping to be done, that is somebody is actually shooting at you, the Americans (those warmongers) end up having to do it for us.



We were free – under the British common law system, one is free to do what one wishes, unless there is a law against it or it harms his neighbour. Now we have a constitutional system of law, under which we are only free to do what the government thinks we should be allowed to do – the system if flipped upside down, instead of inherently free, we are slaves with ‘rights’.  We are among the most regulated people in the world, in fact, there is so much regulation now that any large organization be it a government or business faces contradictory legislation – they cannot comply with this law because it would break that law. Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole. All this is kept from us by our regulators – if we had known what was in store, we would have lynched the communists who foisted the constitution and bill of rights upon us.



Guarding against what?  We welcome terrorists.  Our tolerance demands we accept, even prefer immigrants whose religion demands we infidels be killed, but does not extend to allowing Christians to practice – witness Svens proposed law to prohibit quoting extensive parts of the bible.  Our multiculturalism demands we help immigrants preserve the culture of the country they came from, we mustn’t try to make real Canadians of them (generally much to their puzzlement – they came here to become Canadians).  Keep this up for a couple of generations, and we will be outnumbered by ‘Canadians’ dedicated to destroying our way of life.




Which god would that be, the Christian or jewish god, or perhaps some kind of pagan ‘creator’, or the one that demands that all us infidels be killed?



Well there you have us.  The magnificence of our vast country cannot be overstated.  One wonders, of course, why our federal government can see no further than Banff or Niagara Falls in its advertising, and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism thinks the province ends at Algonquin Park, perhaps that just shows how little our city folk really know about our country.  Unfortunately, we are ‘the unfinished country’ – most of that wonderful scenery is not accessible except by helicopter, and we are busy going backward in terms of closing roads and ripping up railway tracks.




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