Willies Letter to George



WILLY BRANTS DIARY   Willy brought me this letter a few days ago, said if he is going to be published, he might as well get some use out of it.

 Here it is

An open letter to my deceased friend George (and any other deceased friends and relatives who might read this)


Hope you are having a good time flitting around in time and space.


How do I know about this? Well, I was kind of dozing in my chair with discovery channel on and I woke up to some talk about some professor has come up with a theory that we all have an ‘entity’ which co-exists with our brain, and which contains our personality and all our memories.  The entity consists of a collection of subatomic particles held in a relationship with each other by a force field, and all that information flits around between the particles in little packets of energy.  Subatomic particles have no mass, so the rules of physics do not apply and the entity can leave your body at any time and does not die when your body does.  Sort of reminds me of a memory stick which contains all the info in your computer.  Time and space do not apply to sub-atomic particles, so this entity can go anywhere it wants in time and space.


Of course I might have dreamed all that, or just didn’t get it right, there were a lot of three-dollar words and fancy math too so I might have got it all wrong, but this sure sounds like an explanation for time travel and out-of-body experiences and reincarnation and ghosts and Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce (and maybe UFO’s and aliens and sasquatches too). Some folks might scoff at such an idea, but those of us who watch discovery channel and space channel a lot have no problem believing.


George, being dead and all I don’t suppose you spend much time watching TV, since it is mostly crap and you can go anywhere and do anything so wouldn’t waste your time on it.. But I thought you might read local newspapers once in a while just to know what is going on in the old stomping ground, so that is why I am writing this letter to you.  If you are disappointed to hear you are just a bunch of sub-atomic particles, the nuclear equivalent of the bits of stuff I sweep up off my kitchen floor every once in a while, don’t be mad at me, I am just the messenger.


We had a lot of fun when we were young, chasing girls and doing all the dumb stuff that teenagers do, remember that 55 Chev 2door hardtop, I bet you go back in time once in a while just to go for a spin, what a beauty.


Anyway, now that I know you are out there, I just thought you might drop in once in a while for a beer, for old time’s sake. And maybe you could just take a little detour to next week first, so you could let me know where the fish will be biting.  Oh, and maybe check where the good places to find blueberries will be this summer.  I am sure you can’t give away the secrets of the universe, but maybe just a few future details like this would be ok.


Of course being you are just a bunch of sub-atomic particles and energy, having a beer and talking about old times might not be possible, (no mouth?)  But maybe some mental communication would work?  It works on Star Trek.


So have fun, don’t do any peeping tom stuff, and maybe we will see you or hear from you telepathically one of these days


Your old buddy









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