A page from Willy Brant’s diary —Joe came over to give me a hand, I got some ewes about to lamb, and wanted some pens ready so I could isolate the mommy and her new lambs for a day or two, saves a lot of trouble later.  Stopped for lunch, and he was showing me his latest issue of ‘The Landowner’ magazine.

He said all us rural people ought to be concerned about the way new kinds of police are being invented to impose the city’s vision as to what rural life should be like.   Said there is an article by a city person who has moved to the country and sees both sides.  He read from her article – “the city ideology— is a mindset that feels it ‘knows best’ and views those who do not share (its worldview) as an obstacle to be overcome”, then “they proceed without employing critical thinking skillsets or considering the cultures or lives they affect.  Self-righteousness is their fuel – “

“I know what she is talking about”, I interrupted, “I call them do-gooders, too much education, and no common sense, want to dominate the world, the same people who sent out the missionaries to convert the heathen, ran the residential schools, now their religions are animal rights and global warming” –  Joe chipped in “actually the root of the city ideology goes back to Plato, animal rights and global warming are just a sideshoot, but carry on”, so I did “so they harass us with laws and regulations that seem to have their main purpose to kill small business and farms, take away our freedom, make us serfs to government and big business”.

Having got that off my chest, I chomped into a pickle, and picked up my sandwich, while Joe carried on “Boy, you are grouchy this morning.  Anyway, another article talked about the health symptoms people who live close to the big wind turbines are having.  It points out that the media has ignored or pooh-poohed that issue, but would be screaming their head off if the same symptoms were reported by people living near nuclear or coal plants”.

Joe went on leafing through the magazine.  I swallowed some lunch, and said “Well, we escaped the wind turbine kick around here, and I haven’t heard about any health effects from solar panels, which seem to be sprouting up like mushrooms all over the place”.

Joe found the page he was looking for, and went on “what makes this magazine worthwhile is the column from Professor Dr. Tim Ball, who tackles the global warming crowd.  Apparently with people skating on Holland’s canals for the first time in 500 years, they have come up with a new tack, ‘ocean acidification’.  Rising CO2 in the atmosphere might not be causing the planet to overheat, but it is causing the oceans to go acid, with the usual doom and gloom pronouncements.  Dr. Ball produces stats which show that our CO2 levels are still at very low levels, the average for the last 600 million years is three times as high as now, and the oceans have done just fine, so acidification is just nonsense”.

“So if he has no faith in the global warmer’s science, how is he so sure of the science telling him the average CO2 content for 600  million years?” I ask.  “I suppose it is a matter of faith,” says Joe, “but he does produce some persuasive charts and references, while the global warming stuff looks more and more like a scam.  Tim says that ‘people are increasingly aware that human-induced global warming or climate change are political exercises based on corrupted science’.  Then he quotes H. L. Mencken, who wrote ‘the urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule’”

And with that, we went back to work.

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