Can climate change be caused by Living Beings?  Of course.  An example would be right here in North America, where Living Beings dependent on grassland multiplied so that they stressed the forests, which caused the climate to become drier and perhaps warmer.  The grassland likes a dryer climate, so the forest retreated, and the grassland expanded in its place.  This caused the climate to become still hotter and dryer so deserts expand on the other side of the grassland.

Of course the living beings we are talking about here are not people, but the great herds of North American buffalo, expanding the grass-lands and the southwestern deserts at the expense of the forests.

Ok, let’s start again; can climate change be caused by people?  Maybe we can find an example; there is a place where, over centuries perhaps millennia, too many people cut down rain forest for fuel wood, turning it into scrubby bush parkland.  Too many people in the parkland cut down the scrubby brush for fuel faster than it grows so the climate becomes dryer.  Grassland replaces parkland, parkland replaces rain forest, and desert expands at the expense of grassland.  Where is this happening?  Africa .  One could argue that the Sahara desert is the greatest environmental disaster of all time, as the desert has expanded all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, pushing aside the forests then the grassland.  The Bible talks about ‘the cedars of Lebanon’; no cedars anywhere within a thousand miles now.  The parkland, called the Sahel, steadily moves southward, the Sahara expanding and the rain forest shrinking.

You ask, why have I not hear of such human-caused disaster before?  Simple, our media respond to political pressure, much more productive for them to beat up on industry and Christendom, can’t be criticising poor peasants trying to stay alive in Africa.

So as we cut out man-made pollution, we go way past any  common sense goals, and waste billions pursuing utterly trivial amounts of ‘pollution’ such as dioxin, PCB, lead, asbestos, mercury, billions which could improve these people’s lives while helping save the environment.

A concrete example, the bleached Kraft pulp industry alone was forced to spend literally billions eliminating tiny traces of dioxin from its product.  So small that being wrapped in bleached paper head to toe continuously your whole life would give you a dose of dioxin equivalent in toxicity to drinking a drop of beer once a year.  A colossal waste of money, driven by the shabbiest kind of politics.  (Dioxin is produced by every smoky fire, and is everywhere at tiny concentrations.  Famously, the California standard for dioxin content in industrial exhaust is LESS than what is naturally in the atmosphere).

Supposing these billions were used to help those people in the Sahel by providing them with fuel so they did not need to cut down pitiful little scrub trees for fuel?  Supposing those billions were used to plant forests of semi-desert plants/trees along the edge of the Sahara/Sahel, thereby turning the tide, changing the climate in a positive direction, starting the reclaim of the desert?  Helping people and the environment, but apparently not on the radar of our ‘environmentalists’.

Then comes the worst of all.  We are substantially reducing the wealth in the world by reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ by beating up on coal and oil.  Less wealth means somebody at the bottom of the food chain starves, which a cynic would say is part of the plan, as politically correct thought is that there are too many people in the world.

So people are starving because of this ‘climate change’ silly political game.  We know that every sizable volcanic eruption puts out more carbon than all the coal mankind has ever dug up.  We know that the oceans take in and put out vast amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, nobody has ever bothered to study how and why.  And apart from nature, the biggest source of carbon dioxide from mankind is modern agriculture.  While traditional agriculture builds up the organic content in the soil, thereby taking carbon out of the atmosphere, modern intensive, chemical-driven agriculture is steadily eroding the organic content in the soil, and a simple calculation shows that the US alone has added far more carbon to the air by impoverishing its agricultural soil than all the coal mankind has ever mined.  But of course we cannot criticize modern industrial agriculture; that is what drives all the wealth to the cities, where the environmentalists live.

Even worse, the ‘greenhouse effect’ is just a theory, without any convincing scientific evidence to support it, in fact, there is evidence to the contrary; even the guy who proposed the theory is on record as saying “hey guys, it is just a theory, don’t try to take it to the bank”.  So we are impoverishing the world pursuing wrong solutions to a non-problem.  Are you sick to your stomach yet?

All this is driven by the folks who think they as shepherds must do all the thinking for we the sheep; who propose a world government which owns everything (no private property); who believe there are too many people in the world, so we must starve some.  The same people who predicted a coming ice age back in the 1970’s, because of all the dust modern life was adding to the atmosphere, and the solution then was as now, impoverish the west and put a world government in place.

Politics posing as environmentalism.  Doing environmental damage, while taking away our freedom and impoverishing us all.   Woe to the people.


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