I thought this exchange of email with an old friend out west would be worth posting on my blog. It contains some ‘contrarian‘ ideas which might be at least thought-provoking

Hi Mel,
I just ran across this 2013 article from the Walrus. (The paragraph below is from near the end of the longish article.)
I don’t know what you think of Harper but I think you might like the author’s style.
I have underestimated Stephen Harper in the past. I may be underestimating him still. He could grow into the job. He could call off his Rottweilers. He could become as comfortable as a hand-me-down L-Z-Boy. But even if the poor boob remains prime minister for decades to come, he will never be other than an interesting mediocrity. The risk is, neither will Canada

hi Dave

Interesting. I have never forgiven Harper for destroying the Reform from within, and that feat showed considerable political skill. He never truly understood the notion of Populism which was the heart of the Reform movement. Populism, the notion that the government should serve the people, not vice versa – it is government’s proper role not to lead, but to follow what Preston Manning called ‘the common sense of the common people’. For that matter, such a notion is foreign to the mainstream (subsidized) press and the educated elite who see the people as sheep and themselves as shepherds, leading us toward an ill-defined, city-bred (no common sense) utopian ideology. I have supported the conservatives as the least ideologically driven, and so the least of three evils.

So, I hope you guys have had a good summer. We are still doing OK. Spending a lot of energy trying to help a project to build a senior-friendly apartment building on a co-op basis, for those of us not eligible for government housing; perhaps we will be moving to a new building in a year or so. A step in the progression toward old folk’s home, hospital, and up the hill.

Dryden continues to flounder, although there is a brisk market in housing, albeit at low prices and few new ones being built. The ‘evil alliance’ who took over city hall has gone off to other pursuits, so we might see some improvement, except of course for an Ontario government busily leading us all off the cliff.

Enough complaining. Happy Halloween, or perhaps I should say Merry Christmas


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