You have probably read about the notion of the 1% man (or was it 2%?), I think there is even a book about it. It’s amazing how they can make a whole book out of a simple idea.

Or even no idea at all, witness ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the global warming bible. Of course none of the warmists have actually read it – I tried but got hopelessly bored with the repetition of the same lies, half-truths, and circular arguments and I gave up. Circular argument, or fractured logic, for example, roses are red, roses have thorns, so anything red has thorns. And my favourite, every morning the rooster crows, then the sun comes up, so we better take good care of that rooster or we will all freeze in the dark.

The only amazing part of the book was a graph, where they plot the result of examining a drill core taken through the ice cap on Greenland (which incidentally is growing, not shrinking). Each season leaves a line, so they can measure back thousands of years by counting the lines, sort of like rings on a tree. They judge global temperature by the kind of pollen trapped in the ice, and can actually measure the C02 content in the tiny air bubbles trapped in the ice. When they plot all this on a graph, it shows temperature and C02 content marching in lockstep over the centuries, and this graph is a centerpiece of the movie as well as the book and the whole theory of ‘global warming’. But apparently none of these geniuses looked at the graph closely enough to notice that actually temperature precedes C02, it goes up and down over the years before the C02 goes up and down. So what it really shows is that global warming causes C02 to go up, the opposite of the case they are making!

But this is not about global warming; it is about the 1% man. The argument is that there are a hundred times as many microscopic critters (mostly bacteria) on our skin and in our bodies as there are human cells in our bodies, so the being walking around is only 1% human. Worse, there are uncounted, certainly thousands of species of these critters, and only one species of us, so there is thousands of times as much critter DNA as there is human DNA in each person.

That’s so disgusting that you really do not want to think about it. It suggests that when we shake hands or hug or rub noses or smooch or whatever greeting happens to be fashionable in our social circle, what we are really doing is exchanging microbes, so we will make each other more like ourselves. OK, putting that in writing makes it even more disgusting. Best not to think about it.

What brings this to the forefront now is a bit I saw in MacLeans Oct 5/15 issue. It seems some researchers have been looking at the air around us, and found that we each go around in a fog of bacteria and critters, apparently we are spinning them off as we walk around, sort of like Pigpen in the Peanuts comic strip. Now, that’s disgusting, but it gets even worse.
It’s still early stage, but they have evidence that we each give off our own distinct cloud of critters so that we can be identified by analysing a sample of the air around us, or perhaps even where we have recently been.

They think this might be medically useful somehow, but we Contrarians, who worry about our personal freedom, get alarmed at this whole new layer of ‘big brother is watching you’.

Just something to worry about when you are laying awake because you drank too much coffee or whatever.

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