Letter to MacLean’s Magazine, August 15, 2015

Dear Editor

You seem to have missed the most dramatic race in Ontario in your election coverage last week.

That is where a sitting Conservative Cabinet Minister is being challenged by a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, and a former NDP provincial cabinet minister who was a long-time leader of the Ontario NDP. What a show-down that will be, with these three heavyweights in the ring, surely the center of media attention. Oops, I forgot, the riding is more than a hundred miles from Toronto, and if it didn’t happen in Toronto, it didn’t happen.

I am talking about the Kenora riding of course, just across the border from Manitoba and Minnesota. Your failing to notice this race just exemplifies the treatment we have come to expect, being so far from the seat of power. Little wonder separatist sentiment is the fastest growing political movement here.

I just can’t decide, should we join Manitoba, or Minnesota?

Mel Fisher
Dryden, On

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