OK, let’s put it on the table, we Canadians are sick and tired of our governments.  Especially we small-town folk who find ourselves enslaved by city silliness, regulated to death and taxed, taxed, taxed.  Government services are now always in vote-buying ‘programs’, and each new program needs armies of bureaucrats to dole out the money, and armies of new tax collectors to bring it in. We need a revolution, but really we can’t do anything about it, we are powerless against the voting power of the cities.  All three parties are slave to the city silliness; that’s where the votes are, the CBC runs the country.

Well, there is one place we can make our rage known, and that is at the municipal ballot box; we can’t do anything about the senior governments, but we can sure throw the rascals out locally.  And we did, all across Canada including Dryden, in the 2010 municipal elections.  The media focussed on Rob Ford, of course, but there were similar upsets all across our land, symptomatic of that rage brewing in us.  And more in the 2014 elections, as we saw the Sioux Lookout and Machin mayors thrown out.

But we in Dryden have already had our revolution.  Most of the senior city staff are gone, along with the telephone department, we have indeed ‘thrown the rascals out’.  In the course of doing this, we have had much discussion around taxes and debt, and a negative, ‘we are doomed’ mindset came over the town.  Investment slowed, but fortunately the good sense of most our citizens, recognizing political rhetoric for what it is, has kept our population fairly stable and our properties well-maintained.

Now we are climbing out of that doom and gloom.  Dryden is still going strong, there is a brisk market in housing; businesses are doing well (just try to get any construction done, ‘too busy’ is the mantra); new businesses have started, our mill seems to be reaching out to our community, and life goes on.

So now that we have had our hissy fit revolution, can we please put all the negativity behind us, and start to announce to the world that Dryden is a great place to live, work, and do business.  Can we resurrect some semblance of Economic Development initiative, reach out for new investment?  Perhaps, dare I say, we can finish the commercial and industrial subdivisions (already 95% complete) so that we have a place for new business to locate?  And, incidentally, ready this land to be sold so that we can recover the millions invested in it?

We all remember with nostalgia the happy, perhaps giddy 100th anniversary celebrations of 2010, with something happening almost every week, with homecoming visitors from all over, a positive outlook on our great community and our great future. Perhaps we can even recover some of that optimism and enthusiasm.

Perhaps.  The election is over, and we don’t have to refight it for another four years.  Let’s get over our anti-government hissy fit, and move ahead once again.

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