A few years ago somebody wrote a whole book about what he called ‘trends’, he said things carry on in directions or fads or styles to the point of ridiculous, then the trend explodes, everybody forgets about it, and things go in new directions.  Much of the book is examples from history which prove his thesis.  Of course the present trend is to poo-poo history as having nothing to teach us oh-so-modern folks, so the book might not have much influence nowadays.

Examples of a trend would be in hair styles, which go longer to extreme, then that trend explodes into shorter to extreme, or skirt lengths up and down, or how tight pants can really get, or vices like smoking, or booze, or dope, or hobbies like yo-yo’s (you need to be old to remember that one), hula hoops, or computer games beyond the ken of your writer.  His best example might be prudishness – in the 18th century, body parts were on display, necklines all the way down to the bellybutton, then in the 19th century, Victorian times, we became so prudish that no body parts could be shown at all – at the extreme, people were putting skirts on their piano’s, because it was obscene for the piano to show its legs!

Vested interests might keep a trend lingering on for a while after it has run its course, but generally the end comes quickly, a single event might trigger it, and afterwards the trend will be remembered as a peculiar aberration, if at all.  Think, Leisure suits in the 70’s.

We have been in the throes of a political megatrend for some 50 years, trending toward ‘progress’, best described as more government, less freedom, no personal responsibility.  A whole religion has grown up to support this trend, its name is ‘Politically Correct’, and its main tenet is that we are born totally virtuous, and all evil is imparted by society.  History, religion, tradition and above all family life must be destroyed to break that chain of evil, so that government can create a perfect society.  This new religion dominates in our cities, in fact, he who speaks out against it is punished as severely as one speaking out against communism in Russia in the 50’s, or a heretic in the Spanish inquisition (well, almost).

I suggest this ‘progress’ trend is reaching its crisis point, as more and more people come to understand that what is happening is more inequality, not less; more poverty, not less; more lies, not less; more evil, not less. People are perceiving that trends like over-the-top environmentalism are today’s equivalent of skirts on pianos.  People are coming to understand that the wealthy and powerful are in league with the Socialists, both have the goal of eliminating middle class/small business/freedom. Above all, people are noticing the turn from free men to serfs of the state.  We are becoming dogs dependent on our master government, rather than wolves responsible for our own lives.

Municipal politics can be a barometer of public opinion, uncoloured by political parties and the mainstream press.  Perhaps the rather startling results of the 2010 municipal elections, where definitely politically incorrect individuals were elected to sometimes high office all across our nation, was the first sign of collapse of this trend to ‘progress’.  Perhaps the continuous, almost hysterical barrage of attacks on Rob Ford and then his brother from the politically correct establishment and media is a sign that those with a vested interest in this trend see the coming crisis.  Perhaps it is the beginning of the end of ‘progress’.  Perhaps regular working Canadians are rallying to take back the country.  Just another Contrarian point of view.

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