Went to town this morning, bought a plastic holly wreath thing with lights all over it, figure to hang it on my front door and that will be my Christmas decorating.  Last year I brought in a balsam I cut in the pasture and decorated it up in case anybody actually came over.  Nobody did, and it took till June to get the last balsam needles vacuumed out of the cracks in my floor.  OK, I suppose I ought to have watered it, who knew they go so fast, maybe being next to the old Valley Comfort had something to do with it.

Stopped to drop off Joe’s mail, he doesn’t get much, mostly stuff from all kinds of activist and charity groups wanting donations.  I keep telling him he shouldn’t donate; they are mostly just scams anyway.  Anyway, I told him about my new decorating scheme.

“Yes,” he said, “Christmas seems to have lost its punch, what with all the politically correct nonsense, like you have to say ‘Happy holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’, in case you offend somebody”.  I came up with “apparently we aren’t supposed to celebrate Christ’s birthday any more, just take a day off and spend lots of money.”

Joe went on “so many people nowadays think religion is an artifact from the past, and that science has all the answers.  They don’t seem to notice that unquestioning belief in ‘science’ and ‘politically correct thinking’ is religion too; you are supposed to accept unproven and unprovable theories as absolute fact, on faith.  That’s the hallmark of religion”.

We went on into the house, “wanna coffee”, from Joe, and “sure” from me.  While the perk was puffing away, Joe went on “watched a documentary the other night, it was the entire history of the universe in one hour.  A giant crock, don’t know why I waste my time.  Anyway, they portray as ‘scientific fact’ that the entire universe started with a pinpoint of energy, which exploded in what they call the ‘big bang’ and everything comes out of that.  Apparently without worrying about how that much energy could occupy so little space, or where it all came from in the first place.”

He dug up some mugs and some well-aged home-made cookies and added “then the documentary said ‘life appeared’, without any attempt to explain how the wonderfully complicated DNA molecule just ‘appeared’.  Then it grandly announced that mankind evolved from a monkey, even though monkeys are much better adapted to a primitive life than humans, so it couldn’t be by ‘survival of the fittest’ or natural selection, we just evolved by some kind of accident.  No place for any creator or guidance or superior beings, science has all the answers”.

I put in “I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I guess you’re right, much of science is just theory, itself evolving all the time, so ‘modern thinking’ based on science is really just another religion, a set of beliefs based on faith rather than fact.”

Silence while we munched the cookies, which were not bad considering their appearance, then I added “Jesus had more impact on our history than anyone else, ever, so celebrating his birthday ought to make sense whether you believe Jesus was a divinity or just a man.  After all, we used to have a ‘Victoria Day’, and I think the Americans still have ‘George Washington Day’”.

“Yeah, and I am thinking we ought to celebrate ‘Maggie Thatcher day’, or even ‘Wilfred Laurier day’”, from Joe.  “We name our months after Roman Emperors, and the days of the week after Norse gods, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to call a day ‘Christmas’, and not have to cover it with silliness like ‘seasons greetings’”.

“Gotta go, haven’t fed my goats yet” says I, jumping up and heading out.  As I am starting down the driveway, I hear Joe shout “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT”

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