About twenty-five years ago, some events in my personal life kicked me out of my complacency and into taking an interest in political ideas.  As is my usual way, I undertook to learn something about it by reading everything I could find.  It has been said that if you read 7 books on any subject (serious, scholarly books, not Clive Cussler or Harlequin) you will qualify as an expert.  I read a lot, so by that measure I would be an expert on many subjects if only I could remember enough to be useful.

Anyway, I found that there is lots of writing out there which does not slavishly follow the progressive, ‘politically correct’ point of view, but it is all written in obscure, scholarly language.  Conceited as I am, I thought I could put some of the pro-freedom, pro-family ideas I found into readable form.  In 1996 I proceeded to write and self-publish a book, meant to be a political primer, called the Third Way.  This was a big mistake, and it destroyed me politically.  It was just too far ahead of its time – these ideas were too obscure then, and people could not ‘get it’; now people do get it, but it has a bit of a ‘90’s flavour so it is still not a huge success.

You would think that would be a lifelong lesson for me, and I would not think of venturing into that kind of deep water again.  However, as Betty Kennedy said  (Front Page Challenge, CBC TV, if you are under 50, you do not remember it) “in her experience, people do not change much as they get older, they just get more like they already are” (or something like that).  So I am no less conceited after all these years.

My Dam the Dams series of columns seemed to strike a deep chord with so many people; I got a lot of feedback.  People would cite personal experiences which support the basic premise that a decision has been made that the frontier will be rolled back and we will be moved out; our homes going back as much as 5 generations will be abandoned.   And no, Bob, this is not about partisan politics, all three political parties are part of it.  The next question would be, what can be done about it?  I can’t advise you on what you should do, but I have struck a plan of action for me.  Acting on the theory that the best way to destroy a slimy conspiracy is to expose it to the light of day, I am editing these columns to make them flow better, and putting them into a little book called Dam the Dams (what else?).  I intend to send a copy to all the ‘important people’ I can think of.  The book store has copies for sale, — maybe a stocking stuffer for somebody you don’t really like?  And no, this is not a business venture – I will donate any net proceeds to the hospital in the unlikely event that I recover more than the cost of printing.

Non-Dryden readers with an interest in this conspiracy theory can order a copy ($10) by contacting me direct,

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