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Special Forces Training

THE CONTRARIAN Willy Brant’s Diary I just read a story about a Frank Meyers, age 86, having a tear in his eye. Seems that the government decided they needed his farm to form part of a training ground for ‘Special … Continue reading

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dam the dams part 4

THE CONTRARIAN DAM THE DAMS – PART 4 Early in the 70’s, Reed, the owner of the Dryden mill and chemical plant, announced a very large plan to build a major pulp mill at Ear Falls, and applied for massive … Continue reading

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Dam the Dams Part 3

THE CONTRARIAN Back in the 70’s, the Japanese determined that a set of symptoms found in the population around the city of Minimata were caused by pollution of their drinking water with methyl mercury, present in tiny amounts in the … Continue reading

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