More Driving While Distracted



We all are ‘distracted’ much of the time while driving.  It could be arguing with our spouse, or the smarmy voice on the GPS insisting we make a ‘legal U-turn’, or trying to find something on the radio, or listening to a talking book, or grooving on our favourite tune, or talking politics on the CB with another trucker, or  admiring the cute chick walking her dog, dressed in what appears to be her underwear, or trying to decide whether that is an eagle or a vulture soaring up there, or maybe an aircraft or even a UFO full of aliens.  I could make this list go on forever.

Those responsible for the Driving while Distracted law are no doubt busy working on a law to require coffee served through drive-throughs be no hotter than luke warm, or that MacDonalds issue an apron with each big mac  to catch that pickle that squirts out when you chomp into it.  Or perhaps no eating while driving, and having to decide whether a handful of peanuts or a wad of gum is food.  And smoking, my goodness, all that fiddling with fire and ash and smoke, how did they miss banning smoking while driving.  They might mandate teenagers must not outnumber adults in a car, then have to decide what is an ‘adult’ – perhaps a 19 year old mother would be considered an adult, certainly the 23 year old with his cap on backwards and his pants at half-mast should not.  They might mandate dog-walkers wear a full-length muu-muu, so they do not distract oglers, perhaps a black one with a head scarf.  They could mandate that cars be built so the driver cannot see anything but the road ahead.   I could make this list go on forever.

The fact is, we need to be distracted, if we focus strictly on the road ahead, ‘road hypnosis’  (aka falling asleep) sets in remarkably quickly and creates its own hazards.

The Contrarian view is that laws which unnecessarily intrude into your personal life, like ‘driving while distracted’,  are just small steps along the road from free citizens  to serfs of the nanny state.  Or are steps along the road from the old British justice system of searching for the facts and the truth, to the new American justice system of searching for legal loopholes. 

But then what do I know.

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