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The lowly tamarack

THE LOWLY TAMARACK Unless you spend time in the bush, you probably haven’t noticed the return of the Tamarack. You might notice that a lot of the new growth young ‘spruce’ trees along the road seem to have a lighter … Continue reading

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Time and Space

THE CONTRARIAN WILLY BRANTS DIARY Willy brought this letter in a few days ago, said if he is going to be published, he might as well get some use out of it. An open letter to my deceased friend George … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog.I contribute occasional columns to

Welcome to my blog. I contribute occasional columns to the Dryden Observer, and several people (well, my wife and I) have suggested that our wider circle of friends and acquaintances who do not get the Observer might find them of … Continue reading

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Introduction to ‘The Contrarian’

The Dryden Observer, editor asked if I would like to fill some of the space left open when Gerrie Noble retires from regular columns.  Being a history nut, as well as having strongly held opinions on all subjects, I am happy … Continue reading

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